The Easiest Way to Make a

Multiplayer Game

Our Multiplayer with Blueprints plugin allows you to create a AAA quality multiplayer and matchmaking system without C++, saving thousands of hours. Using blueprints you can deploy and scale your multiplayer game faster and easier, with free test servers for up to a year!

Down below you can check out the Amazon Web Services we're using to make this possible.

Amazon Web Services

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AWS is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform. More than 90 percent of the world's biggest game public companies are using AWS!

Most functionality
Largest community of customers and partners
Most secure
Fastest pace of innovation
Most proven operational expertise

We are a small independent software and game dev studio. We love making multiplayer games so we created software plugins to make that easier for ourselves and the multiplayer dev community. Our debut title is Samurai's Edge, a multiplayer sword fighting game set in feudal Japan, check it down below.

Play as a Samurai in a intense first person multiplayer experience!

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